fleet management Jan 22 2018

Bos Dynamics and Abrex Logistics Select FleetXPS and Truck4U Solutions

Bos Dynamics and Abrex Logistics selected Trimble’s telematics solutions. The service providers have implemented the FleetXPS mobile on-board computer and the fixed installed DIN size Truck4U on-board computer. With the mobile solution and the smart on-board computer, documents and signatures are available in real-time to the backoffice and to the customers.

Bos Dynamics and Abrex Logistics are part of the Formaat XL enterprise. This logistics enterprise specializes in smart combinations of shipments and transport. They focus on optimizing the distribution of goods with different sizes taking into account the available transport capacity of the connected transport partners. Thanks to the investment made by the three business partners, orders can be adapted to the transport capacity ever more efficiently.

fleetXPS tablet.jpg

Connections with Various Transport Management Systems

At both logistic service providers, the Truck4U on-board computer and FleetXPS are connected with different Transport Management Systems (TMS). Bos Dynamics uses WinSped from LIS AG and Abrex has Talis from TANS. Bos also uses FleetHours, the salary calculation package from Trimble.


Selling Information and Transport

In total, there are 155 on-board computers installed and the Trimble solutions are connected to each transport providers TMS system. Cor-Albert Bos, director and owner of Bos Dynamics, explains the benefits this generates:

"It seems like we sell more and more information in addition to transport. So good IT is very important. For example, the FleetXPS allows us to take photos in case the shipments delivered are damaged during transport. This solution allows us to provide more information and secure transport for our customers."

From Scanning Documents to Monitoring Fuel Consumption

With Truck4U, FleetXPS and the document scanner, drivers of logistic service providers can scan barcodes and waybills on location and receive digital signatures. Monitoring and optimising the workday hours or coaching to improve fuel consumption are also useful features.

document scanner.jpg

Expertise and Experience

The logistic service providers are very satisfied with the Trimble’s expertise and implementation experience. Bos:

"Trimble has extensive knowledge in the market and working with them is comfortable."