BVB Logistics gets more out of on-board computer data with Trimble solutions

BVB Logistics is constantly looking for ways to make transport activities more efficient and sustainable. An important contribution to this is provided by the CarCube data, Trimble's on-board computer, supplemented with solutions for driving style analysis and wage cost calculation, among other things. Because of the extensive link to the data from TMS, BVB Logistics is able to calculate the return per truck, trip, customer or shipment. Director Dirk Vreeken: "We will soon be able to see exactly where we are earning money and where we are leaving money behind."

BVB Logistics has a fleet of 72 trucks and 110 trailers. Some of the trailers are equipped with 'walking floors' to unload bulk goods such as potting soil. Another specialty is dumping sea containers, filled with e.g. tree bark, coco peat, metal scrap and wood pellets.

“But we also organize the transport of sea containers for overseas removals. And we have tautliners with truck-mounted forklifts, with which we can deliver pallets on location,” says Dirk Vreeken who, along with his brother Jaap, represents senior management.


Since 2015, the drivers of BVB Logistics have been working with CarCube, Trimble's on-board computer. “CarCube was the only on-board computer that met all of our wishes and requirements. We had already started with an analysis of fuel consumption and driving behavior. With Trimble's Performance Portal, we were able to continue that,” explains Vreeken. “Another decisive factor was the standard connection of CarCube with FleetHours, the solution for wage cost calculation. The overall picture just made sense.”


Earlier invoicing

In combination with Erniesoft's transport management system (TMS), the CarCube provides BVB Logistics with a wealth of data. When the drivers have completed a task with the on-board computer, there is immediate feedback to the TMS. Any additional data that the drivers have entered into the tailor-made question path - such as container numbers, seal numbers or the number of cubic meters of potting soil deposited - is automatically added to the correct file. The bills of lading are also immediately digitized with the document scanner.

“This also applies to bills of lading from charter flights, which we receive via Trimble's FleetXPS app. We no longer have to sort out piles of paperwork for this. We can also invoice much earlier”, says Vreeken.

In accordance with the Collective Labor Agreement

BVB Logistics greatly benefits from FleetHours. Both wage and accommodation costs are calculated based on the CarCube data.

“Completely in accordance with the collective labor agreement,” Vreeken emphasizes. “The system knows exactly which driver is or is not entitled to a nighttime bonus or a vacation day allowance. And with the Absence Planner app, drivers can now request a day off themselves. If we approve it, it will immediately indicate it in FleetHours”, says Vreeken.

“Thanks to remote tacho download, we can also read the driver cards and the mass memories of the tachographs remotely via the on-board computer. One mouse click is all it takes. The chance of reading the mass memory too late is therefore virtually nil. The DDD files are then analyzed and archived in Tachotime Manager, Trimble's driving and rest time management solution.”

Tachotime Manager


The CarCube data enables BVB Logistics to make the operation more sustainable. Every driver receives a monthly printout from the Performance Portal with an overview of their driving performance. By actively coaching on this, driving behavior improves and fuel consumption decreases.

“The Performance Portal helps us to take new drivers to a higher level. A coach accompanies him and gives him tips based on the data from the Performance Portal. We can also create groups per vehicle type and per transport activity, so that we can compare the drivers' performance fairly with each other."

Reporting Damage

Not only do the planners and drivers benefit from the CarCube data, the fleet manager and the workshop do as well. Drivers can report damage or submit repair requests via the handy question path on the on-board computer. These reports are collected every day and automatically emailed to both the fleet manager and the workshop.

“In the past, drivers had to call in for this, and sometimes the message would end up with the wrong person. Now maintenance is scheduled immediately and the workshop knows in advance what to expect.”

CarCube -LR

Linking data

CarCube and its additional solutions has now become an indispensable tool.

"We now have a wealth of data that we can easily analyze. We use this data in rate discussions with customers, such as the average loading and unloading times. We are better prepared for the discussions and can therefore make better-informed decisions."

For the future, BVB Logistics has one important wish: to generate even more insights by linking data from the on-board computer with data from the TMS. Vreeken:

“It provides information about the results per vehicle, per customer, per trip and even per shipment. Which activities earn money? And where do we leave money behind? We will soon be able to find out exactly.”

More about BVB Logistics

BVB Logistics was created in 2010 by merging the Gebr. Vreeken Transport with the transport activities of BVB Substrates. In 2018, the organization expanded with the D&W Trans activities. Since the 1st of January 2021, the name MARTSON has been launched as the umbrella brand for both fleets. With a fleet of 72 trucks and a team of approximately 100 people, the company transports freight throughout Europe on a daily basis. Part of the activities still consists of the supply of raw materials and the removal of end products for BVB Substrates, but BVB Logistics now does much more than that. Senior management is in the hands of Dirk and Jaap Vreeken. For more information, visit

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