Cazaubon-Lapegue Selects Trimble’s Telematics Solutions

As part of an approach to reducing paper documents and social optimization, the Lapegue Group based in France, has selected Trimble onboard computers. Its two entities, Transports Philippe Cazaubon PHC - and Transports Lapegue have equipped 110 of its motor vehicles with Truck4U onboard computers. The first Truck4U onboard computers were installed in 75 heavy goods vehicles in late 2018 and the second 35 were installed in the spring of 2019.

Jean Dubrasquet, senior executive at PHC, explained the company’s choice: "We conducted a market study for about a year in 2018. We were looking for an onboard computer that could meet very different needs relative to our three transport activities—regional distribution, national transport of complete lots and exclusive rental. So we needed specific solutions from a single provider who could manage the entire fleet and adapt to our specific aspects."

"After meeting with several market players, we selected Trimble solutions portfolio, which proved to be the most complete and versatile."


A Single IT Solutions Provider

By selecting Trimble, Jean Dubrasquet chose "a single solutions provider". This was an essential point to have one point of contact for support. "It was my primary selection criterion. I wanted to talk to a single company, because in IT, when a problem arises involving several service providers, they all have a tendency to pass the buck. Trimble was the only company to offer everything that we needed."

"For example, Trimble’s FleetXPS mobile application, which works in conjunction with the Truck4U onboard computer allows us to register deliveries and their geolocation solution can provide us with real-time driving updates as well as multiple technical and social alerts."


Cazaubon began by deploying the FleetXPS app on around 20 delivery trucks such as carriers, semi-trailer trucks and light vehicles, which make daily deliveries to approximately 200 customers in Landes (France) and neighboring counties

"Informing the customer is essential, tracking is a major competitive part of transport. Today, delivery status is validated on the FleetXPS app in real time."

"Our recipients sign on the mobile device. Waybills are photographed and sent to the office, where they are integrated into our transport software. By 2020, we will have progressed to total digitalization, by adopting electronic waybills in the FleetXPS app. Since we communicate by EDI (electronic data interchange) with the majority of our customers, they can also view their waybills online. Regarding the road business, we see less urgency to equip drivers with smart phones. But that will come,” said Dubrasquet.

FleetXPS App

Reducing Overtime

Via the Truck4U box connected to the truck's tachograph, the company accesses its social data in real time. "From the fifth of the month, we can anticipate our drivers' overtime and better distribute their workload."

"The result: overtime was reduced by 75 percent between the end of the second quarter of 2018 and the first quarter of 2019!"

This innovative tool allows us to rethink and optimize our labor organization. We also manage road expenses better," said Dubrasquet.


By choosing the Truck4U onboard computer without the driver interface over the main part of its fleet, the Lapegue group has chosen an "effective solution in terms of optimizing operations and interfacing that is at least two to three times less expensive than an onboard computer with a screen," Dubrasquet also emphasized. "There are many returns on our investment such as reductions in administrative time, diesel consumption and fuel theft. In all of these cases, the Trimble solutions alert us in the event of a problem."

About the Lapegue Group

Philippe Cazaubon Transport, based in Saint-Perdon, Landes, belongs to the Lapegue group, in Hendaye. The French company has a total of 110 motor vehicles. They are active in groupage, shipping, industrial transport, agribusiness and refrigeration as well as moving.

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