Driving Style Analysis and Driver Evaluation Project: Trimble Launches Driver Coaching Academy

Trimble has launched a Driver Coaching Academy, together with INN-ovativ KG, the company behind the Spedifort e-Learning program, and Economic Drive Stein GmbH, a provider of driver training courses. The academy was created to support transport companies that are increasingly focused on improving driving behavior. Based on the motto “Safety Meets Efficiency,” drivers from four German transport and logistics companies will be trained over a period of six months digitally via an in cab e-learning program and a video conferencing platform by driver trainers.

Trimble's telematics solutions such as Performance Portal and Coach Assistant will be used to analyse and evaluate driver performance and to provide concrete advice for improvements. The final results of the project are expected to be presented in September.

“The evaluation of vehicle data opens up a wide range of possibilities for transport and logistics companies to improve safety and increase efficiency by lowering fuel consumption and reducing maintenance costs. The purpose of the Driver Coaching Academy is to show how easily and quickly improvements can be achieved through the combination of various tools,” said Lutz Siegert, country manager, Trimble Transport & Logistics, Germany.

As part of the project, one driver from each of the four participating companies - Werner Ruploh, Hövelmann Logistik, the Schnellecke Group and Wittener Transport-Kontor - will take part in a special training project starting at the end of March 2020. “The companies' areas of expertise range from silo and pallet transport to value-added logistics for the automotive industry and the transport of hazardous goods. This diverse representation is intentional, since it underscores that our solutions can be used in a broad range of transport types and are also suitable for any fleet size and structure,” said Siegert.

Fahrer Driver Coaching Akademie

Data-based Driving Style Analysis

During the first three months, drivers from the participating companies will complete the Spedifort e-learning courses developed by INN-ovativ. After e-learning, Economic Drive Stein GmbH will conduct driver training courses. Progress will be continuously documented using Trimble's telematics solutions. The Performance Portal will provide a comprehensive overall picture of driver and vehicle performance. Using the telematics data transmitted by each truck, companies can monitor relevant performance indicators via a helpful dashboard, including cruise control, idling, speed and braking behavior.

Trimble's Coach Assistant tool also enables driver trainers to use these data to identify recurring patterns and trends. For example, it can help to determine if drivers regularly brake too abruptly and coast too little. The driver trainer can then suggest countermeasures and, by comparing the data, determine whether these have produced the desired result.

Coach Assistant - Performance Portal

Contributing to Competitiveness

“Transport and logistics companies are under enormous competitive pressure. In this environment, even small increases in efficiency can create a decisive competitive advantage by changing behavior on the road,” explained Siegert. “Reducing fuel consumption and minimizing wear have become key factors. By analyzing vehicle data in combination with training, companies are able to improve their competitiveness in the long term,” said Siegert.

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