case study Nov 28 2018

Excoffier Recycling Optimizes its Fleet Operations with Trimble’s Telematics Solution

Virtually every waste transport organization has specific processes and systems to enhance its operations. Excoffier Recycling in France is no exception. The company uses Trimble’s telematics solution for navigation, task and vehicle management as well as sending information and photos of its fleet operations in real time back to its office.

“We chose Trimble for its customisable and easily configurable tools. Their solutions are a perfect fit for our requirements,” said Christophe Caen, operations director at Excoffier Recycling. For three years, Excoffier Recycling’s 110 trucks have been using Trimble on-board computers, most of which are CarCube devices with a large screen and driver interface that is fixed to the dashboard.

“As we gradually renew our vehicles, our entire fleet will eventually be fitted with the mobile version of CarCube, the combination of the fixed Truck4U and FleetXPS removable tablet,” said Caen. “In today’s environment it is important to collect truck-related telematics as well as information related to maintenance, loading and unloading goods, gathering feedback and taking photos. This information is compiled during each operation, not afterwards.”

Truck4U and FleetXPS

A Comprehensive, Easy-to-Use System

As the primary source for waste collection and management in Savoie and Haute-Savoie (France), Excoffier Recycling handles all types of waste — whether bulky, household, recyclable or hazardous, ferrous or non-ferrous. The family company provides services to the private and public sectors. “We have a wide range of vehicles, from Ampliroll hooklifts, frontloaders and station wagons to cranes, grippers and semi-trailers,” continued Caen. “I was convinced by the Trimble system, which enables us to design specific processes for each type of work. Using wireless communication gateways, our IT system seamlessly sends trips to drivers via their on-board computers. Every trip includes a number of tasks. Each of these has its own set of contact information, procedures and observation on the spot. We have been able to create tailored to each customer’s requirements. With the assistance of Trimble’s project managers, we have also created a comprehensive but easy-to-use system for drivers.”

Improved Exceptions Management

Mobile IT solutions are also useful for managing exceptions. According to Caen, “when a non-compliance delivery procedure occurs, for example if another vehicle is in the way on-site, the driver can react immediately. The driver can notify the office and take a photo, which can show that the company was unable to complete a task. Each image is automatically allocated to the current task. Operations can also be tracked and viewed by our clients in real time.”

The large amount of data gathered only requires data to be entered manually on an ad hoc data basis to optimize operations. The fill rate of voluntary waste collection bins, for example, is automatically populated to the Trimble system, and is available in real-time to the fleet manager. This feature has a direct bearing on invoicing. “Anything that can be done immediately and without data re-entry improves our efficiency, productivity and reliability,” said Caen.

Automated Truck Navigation

For the operations director, one of the greatest advantages of the Trimble solution lies in its truck navigation. “The navigation is adapted to each type of vehicle, to avoid unsuitable routes and improve safety,” said Caen. “We've also bookmarked all our clients and recipients locations using GPS. So navigation is automatic. As soon as a driver completes a visit, the on-board computer automatically triggers the next customer’s location to take them to their destination, with one meter accuracy.”

About Excoffier Recycling

A regional leader in waste collection in Savoie and Haute-Savoie (France), Excoffier Recycling has a turnover of €70 million and employs 330 staff, including 110 haulage drivers. The company provides 700 services per day, a total of 15,000 per month.

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