Save thousands of euros in fuel each year by focusing on fuel-efficient driving!

Fuel-efficient driving can save your company hundreds of euros in fuel each year, improve road safety and prevent wear on your vehicles. If you don’t seem to be getting the overall gas mileage you desire, there could be several reasons why. While it could be a mechanical issue, it could also be your driver’s driving habits.

What if you could have an overview of both your driver and truck performance in one place?

By analyzing telematics and additional data, companies can closely monitor driving behavior and fuel consumption. The handy dashboard in Trimble’s Performance Portal simplifies complex data and shows the results of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as cruise control, idling, speed, braking behavior, and more!

The analysis of those key metrics can be used immediately to motivate your drivers to optimize their driving styles, encouraging safe driving habits, enhancing performance, and lowering fuel consumption, making your fleet more cost-effective. On average, Performance Portal customers save €1.340 per truck, per year!

If you want to take it one step further, Trimble's Coach Assistant enables coaches to coach drivers in a more targeted manner.

If the results indicate that coaching is needed, the module suggests the specific behaviors that need to be addressed. Driving coaches can use these insights to prepare coaching sessions and to determine if and how driving behavior has improved.

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"With Trimble’s Coach Assistant, every driver coach has all the information they need to really impact driver performance," says Giovanni Cacciola, Product Manager at Trimble Transportation.

“The module studies the actual driving behaviors and, after analyzing the results, shows what the driver can do to improve their performance,” Cacciola continues. “Driving coaches can use those suggestions to motivate, inform and correct drivers. Implementing the suggestions leads to lower fuel costs, safer driving behavior, and reduced wear and tear on the trucks."

Motivate drivers in real-time

With the Onboard Driver Scorecard, companies can see further reductions in their fuel consumption. With this module, drivers can compare their performance with their colleagues. With the Coach Assistant, even professionals who aren’t specialized in coaching can provide excellent training!

Trimble’s Performance Portal has a modular structure, so companies can choose which modules they want to use. You can start with the KPI dashboards and add the Coach Assistant or Onboard Driver Scorecard at a later stage.

Ready to optimize your driver’s driving style? Let’s supercharge your company together. Get in touch for a free trial!