Heisterkamp Meets Working Hours Legislation with Trimble's Tachotime Manager

Heisterkamp, a European logistics service provider headquartered in The Netherlands, has implemented Trimble’s Tachotime Manager for monitoring, analysing and archiving its tachograph data for driving times. With the solution, Heisterkamp is meeting the Dutch working hours legislation requirements (Arbeidstijdenbesluit Vervoer).

In addition, Heisterkamp also saves time. Tom van Noort and Stefan Thegelkamp of Heisterkamp explained:  “We integrated our fleet management and human resources systems. By doing so, the data no longer needs to be input twice." 

With over 750 trucks and 1,400 employees, Heisterkamp transports its trailers across Europe. Their challenge is to read, analyse and archive tachograph data from its vehicles and drivers in their fleet.

With large volumes of data, Heisterkamp needed an automated system with extensive analytical capabilities that could be easily connected to other backoffice systems. The Trimble Tachotime Manager was an ideal solution to help meet these requirements.


"We needed a driving time solution that allows us to monitor and meet transport legislation requirements and to analyse any regulatory violations. The Tachotime Manager is robust and can process our entire data flow," said Tom van Noort, ICT manager at Heisterkamp.

Analyse, Archive and Report

The Tachotime Manager automatically generates a notification if the tachograph driving hours data appear to be in conflict with the legislation requirements. "In that case, we can easily click through, find causes, make comments and indicate the measures that were taken. For example, it may appear that the mandatory rest period of a driver has been shortly interrupted in order to drive a truck with its trailer off a ferry," said Stefan Thegelkamp, functional manager at Heisterkamp and project manager during the implementation.

If a driver has made an operating error, Heisterkamp mentions within the Tachotime Manager whether it is a small, medium or large violation. The data logged by the logistic services provider, in order to prevent recurrence, are also registered in the system.

"Sometimes, it’s just an operating error. In those cases, we may give additional instructions to the driver. In the Tachotime Manager we can store all this data and find out how many additional instructions a driver has received," explained Thegelkamp." In addition to the tachograph data, we also archive the analysis, comments and measures that were taken so that we always store a complete overall view."

Integration with Management Systems

Another advantage of the Tachotime Manager is that it can be easily connected to a variety of fleet management systems. " We introduce new trucks very regularly. With a connection to the WACS Fleetcare fleet management system, we don’t need to manually add new trucks into the Tachotime Manager," explained Van Noort. In addition, the logistic services provider is implementing new on-board computers, which will transmit the data via cellular communications to the autonomous Tachotime Manager.

User-friendly and Comprehensive Reporting Function

Heisterkamp implemented the Trimble Tachotime Manager after a three-month trial period. "It’s very easy to work with the solution. In addition, it includes a lot of functionality and extensive visual reporting capabilities. When we started the trial period, it met our requirements. The most important were the ability to integrate with our other systems as well as providing a variety of additional reporting capabilities," said Van Noort. 

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"Trimble is clearly an organisation that understands the customer’s needs and provides a tachograph solution that enables us to meet our working hours legislation requirements."

About Heisterkamp

The power of Heisterkamp is a self-developed business concept that has grown into the company's great strength:  Trailer Trucking. Over the years, Heisterkamp has developed more services, evolving into a company with a unique overall concept for the entire transport sector. Heisterkamp operates as a partner in Truck and Trailer Rental & Leasing, Trailer & Truck Service, Breakdown Service, Used Trucks and Commercial Vehicles. The company has over 1,400 employees, across several locations in Europe: Oldenzaal (The Netherlands), Travemünde (Germany), Hamm (Germany), Szczecin (Poland), Riga (Latvia) and Cluj (Romania). For more information, visit:  www.heisterkamp.eu


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