Trimble Enables European Transport Fleets to Benefit from Improved Safety with Video Intelligence

Trimble is enabling transport companies to improve safety on European roads with its innovative Video Intelligence™ solution. Fleet owners can reconstruct accidents using video from externally facing wide-angle cameras to help protect them in the event of an accident. And in combination with Trimble's telematics data, the video footage can be used to coach and guide drivers to increase safety across their driver base. The expansion of Video Intelligence into the European market is part of Trimble’s commitment to help fleets protect themselves from potential accident litigation as well as enhance safety for their drivers and everyone they share the road with.

More than a Standard Dashcam

Video Intelligence is more than a standard dashcam. The solution consists of a series of wide-angle cameras, which record the situation on the road in front of, on the sides and behind the truck, in combination with a digital video recorder (DVR). The fleet owner can easily request the images on demand for a specific period of time via a secure, web-based video portal. The solution links the camera images with Trimble's telematics data, resulting in an intelligent platform that combines Onboard Event Recording (OER) with video. The four-camera solution can be expanded with wide-angle cameras on both sides of the truck to get a 360 degree view.

Video Intelligence - Desktop Video Portal and Hardware 2CHDVR and 4CHDVR

Both Prevention and Protection

Trimble's Video Intelligence solution activates video from a truck's Fleet Management System (FMS), greatly improving traditional driver and truck analysis.

"The ability to use video images in conjunction with FMS data provides a clear picture of what is happening on the road. It provides fleet owners with both prevention and protection and objective proof for insurance claims," said Peter Huysmans, general manager of Trimble Transport & Logistics for EMEA.

State-of-the-Art and Proven Technology

Video Intelligence was developed by Trimble Transportation and has already been extensively installed globally. Huysmans:

"The value of Video Intelligence has already been proven several times in practice. In case of an accident, video evidence makes it easier to exonerate a driver. When video is combined with data from the OER, fleet owners can develop specific driver training courses. This solution makes an important contribution to road safety.”