Trimble’s Updated Performance Portal Provides Enhanced Insight into Driver Behavior

Trimble announced today that it has expanded its Performance Portal by adding innovative tools designed to directly impact driving behavior. With the new Coach Assistant tool, every coach can give drivers the right feedback to improve on-road performance. The new Onboard Driver Scorecard helps motivate drivers to be safer and more fuel efficient on the road.

Intelligent Coaching

Trimble’s Performance Portal provides a holistic overview of both driver and truck performance. Using telematics data, companies can closely monitor driving behavior and fuel consumption with a handy dashboard that shows the scores of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as f.i. cruise control, idling, speed and braking behavior.

This insight does not always impact driving behavior, however Trimble’s new Coach Assistant module offers a solution. Coach Assistant enables fleet managers to analyze driving behavior using the KPIs to recognize recurring patterns and trends. If a driver intervention is needed, the module suggests the appropriate timing. For instance, Coach Assistant can be used to assess whether a driver should increase the use of cruise control or whether a driver should release the accelerator pedal sooner and therefore rollout more. Coach Assistant records driver interventions so the information is available for the coach to determine if the intervention had an impact on the driver’s behavior.

Coach Assistant

"With Trimble’s Coach Assistant, every ‘coach’ can have the information needed to make a real difference in driver performance," said Giovanni Cacciola, product and strategic marketing manager for Trimble’s Transport & Logistics Division. “Coach Assistant calculates the maximum score for each day, taking into account the parameters like average speed and altitude profiles. The module then gives advice on how the driver can reach or come close to reaching the maximum score. The coach can use that advice to motivate, inform or correct drivers. With Coach Assistant, drivers use less fuel and drive more safely, which reduces wear and tear on trucks."

Motivation by Competition

Trimble’s updated Performance Portal offers additional opportunities for driver motivation. Using the Onboard Driver Scorecard, drivers can view their performance compares to their colleagues. They can see whether they have scored better than average the previous days and how their colleagues are performing. “By incorporating a competitive element with the Onboard Driver Scorecard, drivers are motivated to improve their own driving behavior,” explained Tom Debeule, sales manager at Trimble Transport & Logistics. The Onboard Driver Scorecard is available on Trimble’s FleetXPS tablet.

Onboard Driver Scorecard

Basic Data are Fundamental

Comparing driving behavior with fellow drivers is only useful if the comparison is fair. The expanded Performance Portal offers more options for managing people and resources and assigning properties. For instance, it knows if a company uses certain types of trucks or if there are drivers with special competences. The Performance Portal automatically takes this into account when measuring driving behavior.

Scalable Solution Improving Efficiency

In addition, the updated Performance Portal has a modular structure so companies can choose the modules they want to use. "They can start with the KPI dashboards and add the Coach Assistant or Onboard Driver Scorecard at a later stage," said Debeule. “With the new Coach Assistant, even professionals without highly developed analytical skills can provide excellent coaching,” added Cacciola. Together with the Onboard Driver Scorecard, companies can easily improve their efficiency just by adding these user-friendly tools.”