Johs. Martens Extends its Contract with Trimble to Equip its Fleet with the Latest CarCube Telematics Devices

Johs. Martens, which specializes in the transport of mineral oils and gases, has been using Trimble’s CarCube on-board computer for four years. The company, headquartered in Hamburg, has extended its contract with Trimble and will equip its fleet of 150 trucks with the latest generation of on-board computers.

"We deployed the CarCube four years ago and it has proven itself. Now, with our upcoming vehicle change we made the decision to upgrade to the latest CarCube generation,” said Susanne Martens-Ulrich, managing director of Johs. Martens. In addition, the traditional family-owned business uses the telematics solution to automate payroll and expense reporting. The relevant data is recorded by the on-board computer and transmitted to Trimble’s FleetHours payroll and expense calculation solution.

"The CarCube provides reliable data and it was one of the key reasons why we decided to introduce the telematics solution to our business," said Martens-Ulrich.

Johs Martens 03

Improvement of Driving Behavior

In addition to automating the company’s payroll accounting, Johs. Martens also use the CarCube and Trimble Performance Portal to help improve driving behavior. The Trimble Performance Portal gives a clear overview of the data collected by the on-board computer for idle times as well as for braking and acceleration behavior. The drivers receive a monthly report together with their pay slip. The information serves as the basis for regular, individual training.

"We have found that the reports contribute to friendly competition between the drivers. Many want to improve, compare themselves with others or set concrete goals for their driving," said Martens-Ulrich.

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More Ease of Use and Safety

The drivers also use the CarCube for navigation and communications. The map data on the CarCube is regularly updated. The hands-free call functionality is also designed to be easy for drivers to use. Since transporting mineral oils and gases are considered hazardous materials, mobile calls can only be made when the truck is stationary. Once the vehicle is in motion, this function can no longer be used on the CarCube. For Johs. Martens, this functionality can increase safety and enable the company to comply with legal requirements. Another safety feature is a reverse camera that is connected to the on-board computer, which improves the view of the back of the vehicle.

The conversion to the next generation on-board telematics computers will be done successively and in different locations. The company has a total of five offices in northern and eastern Germany.