Kempen Transport drives safer and saves costs with Trimble's Video Intelligence

Kempen Transport will install Video Intelligence in all 120 trucks. With the video images of this Trimble solution, the fruit and vegetables transporter is able to adequately handle damage claims, reduce damage costs and improve the driving behaviour of their drivers. Tim Wijnen, IT manager at Kempen Transport: “Video Intelligence gives drivers a safer feeling. Moreover, they don't have to answer for every damage all the time."

Kempen Transport specializes in conditioned groupage transport. With a fleet of 120 trucks and 140 trailers, this transport company delivers fresh fruit and vegetables to retailers, wholesalers and processors throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, including Switzerland, Austria and Italy.

Since 2011, all tractors have been equipped with a CarCube, Trimble's on-board computer. The data this on-board computer provides about the hours worked, serves as input for FleetHours, Trimble's software for wage and expense calculation.

“In those nine years we have built up a very good relationship with Trimble,” says Tim Wijnen, IT manager at Kempen Transport. “They think along with us about innovations in our business operations. And we can think along with them about innovations to their solutions.”

Objective evidence in case of incidents

One of those innovations is Video Intelligence, the solution that enables transport companies to reconstruct incidents and improve driving behaviour using video images.

“Like any transport company, we deal with damages on a regular basis. It can happen on the road, but also at night when the driver is sleeping. So if he gets hit, no one knows what exactly happened. With Video Intelligence we can reconstruct how the damage occurred,” says Wijnen.


Video Intelligence Platform and Hardware

The images that the wide-angle cameras take of their surroundings are saved using a digital video recorder (DVR) and kept for 72 hours. Kempen Transport can request specific images via a secure web portal. The company can then use these images to process claims.

“This often results into a right or wrong discussion with the other party. Thanks to Video Intelligence, we now have evidence that we can share with both the other party and the insurance companies."

Training drivers

Kempen Transport also wants to use the video images in the training of drivers. To do this, Video Intelligence links the video images to the telematics data from the Trimble on-board computer. If this data shows that a driver is braking too hard or turning a corner at too high a speed, the corresponding images are automatically displayed in the web portal.

“We can discuss these situations with the drivers. What is the reason for this driving behaviour? How can we prevent a recurrence?"

The driving behaviour of drivers is extremely important because Kempen Transport transports vulnerable products. If the load shifts too much, the fruit and vegetable products can easily be damaged.

“A pallet can easily fall over, especially when it comes to crates of rolling fruit like melons. Accelerating or braking too hard once can be enough. Therefore an extra reason to focus on driving behaviour.”

Extensive testing

The decision to provide the entire fleet with Video Intelligence was taken after extensive testing. A number of tractors have been equipped with a front camera this past year.

“We had been planning to install a dashcam in our tractors for some time. This test gave us the opportunity to try it out. How often do we receive a notification? What can we see and not see on the images? What can we use them for?"

The test went well, agrees Wijnen. “We have experienced that Video Intelligence offers a lot more options than a standard dashcam. In addition, the image quality has positively surprised us. We got a very clean picture, which gave us a good overview of the situation every time. The web portal generally shows us frames of twenty seconds, but we can also request a five-minute fragment, if necessary."

A safer feeling

The drivers also benefit from Video Intelligence, says Wijnen.

“This solution makes drivers feel safer. As a result, processing claims takes less energy and frustration. Moreover, they do not have to constantly account for every claim. The video footage shows unmistakably what happened, so the case is closed," says the IT manager. “But of course: if the driver is at fault, this will also be visible. We therefore hope that our drivers will be a little more cautious."

Are the drivers positive about the implementation of Video Intelligence? The drivers who took part in the test are, Wijnen knows. “We also have drivers who are somewhat skeptical. Who get the feeling that we are watching them. But they also had that feeling when we equipped all tractors with an on-board computer nine years ago. Now nobody wants to drive without an on-board computer anymore. They now know that we do not use them to constantly monitor them. That also applies to this camera. Moreover, the camera only registers what is happening in front of the car, not inside of it. And we also cannot hear what the driver is saying.”

Video Intelligence - Office LR

Payback period

Kempen Transport takes care of the mounting and installation of the wide-angle cameras themselves. Their mechanics are trained for this by Trimble specialists. "We hope to be finished with it by the end of March," said Wijnen.

Will the investment in Video Intelligence pay for itself? The answer to that question was not the deciding factor in the decision to implement this solution, Wijnen emphasizes.

“But if we can prevent one major loss with these video images, we will have recovered the costs. We also hope to not only structurally reduce the repair costs, but also the insurance premiums. And don't forget that every incident also has a lot of hidden costs. Think of the costs for replacement transport and for delays.”

More about Kempen Transport

Kempen Transport specializes in conditioned transport of fruit and vegetables throughout the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Italy. The fleet consists of more than 250 special tractors and trailers with differentiated refrigerated loading capacities that always deliver all fruit and vegetable products at the right temperature. Kempen Transport is located in the heart of European food logistics: Fresh Park Venlo: close to a lot of customers, which makes short lines, fast communication and transparency a given. For more information, visit