Trimble and Simacan Work Together to Improve Last Mile Navigation

Trimble and Simacan have collaborated to integrate their transport solutions. The integration enables transport companies to customize the truck navigation of the Trimble on-board computer via the Simacan cloud platform for last mile navigation. This way, drivers drive a more efficient route that takes the environment into account. Chris Boogaard, Trimble’s country manager in the Netherlands: "We are proud to be able to contribute to further sustainability in transportation and improving road safety this way."

Thanks to the built-in CoPilot® Truck navigation from Trimble MAPS, Trimble's on-board computer calculates the most efficient route, based on the truck's specifications. However, sometimes it's better to adjust the route, especially in the last mile. Think of a drugstore that needs to be supplied early in the morning via a different route to prevent any noise disturbance for local residents. Or a supermarket, that requests the carrier to avoid the route that passes by the school during school hours. Preventing maneuvering damage also plays a very important role in this. The collaboration between Trimble and Simacan makes scenarios like these possible.

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Toolkit for Integration

Trimble has a toolkit with extensive integration options for these types of issues. Simacan uses this to influence the route by adding conditions to the Trimble truck navigation.

“Without the driver noticing, they will see the route that the carrier has mapped out in consultation with the shipper via the Simacan cloud platform,” explained Boogaard.

Less Damage, Lower Emissions

Eric Mulders, Strategic Alliance manager at Simacan added. “Maneuvering in inner cities is a stressful activity for a lot of drivers. When a driver is backing up his semi-trailer, he/she has to keep an eye out for bikers and pedestrians that are passing them on all sides. And as a result, they don’t see that one little pole, which could have prevented with a different access route, where they would not have to make that turn.” A collision not only leads to damage, but also to delays and falling behind on schedule. “In other words, a small incident can have a major impact,” said Mulders.

“More and more carriers are realizing that they can make a profit in this area by guiding their drivers to the ideal route, reducing damage, lowering emissions and increasing predictability. Thanks to the collaboration with Trimble, we can now guide drivers completely digitally on the last mile.”

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Last Mile on the Trimble On-board Computer

Simacan provides a cloud platform that food retailers such as Albert Heijn and Jumbo use to manage the supply of their stores. Many carriers in this sector use the Trimble on-board computer, which has been integrated with the Simacan platform for some time. This platform can send the transport planning directly to the on-board computer, which in turn sends the position of the truck back to the platform.

“What sets Trimble solutions apart in the market is the standard option to proactively intervene in the Trimble MAPS truck navigation software, regardless of on-board computer generation. And that without having to adjust the software. Trimble is leading the way in this,” Mulders explained.

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Anticipate Early

In addition to the last mile, the integration also offers advantages on the highway. Simacan's intelligent cloud platform constantly monitors the situation on the highway and translates it into instructions for the driver. For example, if a lane is closed, the driver will see a lane closure warning on the Trimble on-board computer long before they see any matrix sign with a red cross.

“This instruction is automatically converted into spoken text, so that the driver is warned without having to look at the screen. They can anticipate the new traffic situation at an early stage, which further improves road safety,” said Boogaard.

Cornelissen Groep last mile

Cornelissen Group is the first carrier to utilize the integration between Trimble and Simacan. They were already using the platform for transportation to the Albert Heijn and Jumbo stores, but they have now implemented the Simacan platform so they can navigate all 350 trucks. The last miles to the most important loading and unloading locations in the Benelux are indicated and available via Trimble's on-board computer.

“Cornelissen has been using the Trimble portfolio for years. We are proud that, together with Cornelissen and Simacan, we can contribute to further sustainability in transportation and improving road safety,” said Boogaard.

How does last mile navigation work? Watch the video:

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