case study Jun 18 2019

Meyer Logistics Automates Processes with Trimble’s Telematics Solution

Using a telematics solution can make an important contribution to increasing competitiveness for transport and logistics companies. This is why Meyer Logistics GmbH from Willich in North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany) has already been using Trimble’s CarCube fixed installation on-board computer for eight years. Now, the haulage company is implementing Trimble’s mobile solution, the FleetXPS Tablet, to automate additional processes.

“Our industry sector is characterised by particularly strong competitive pressure so we are always looking to leverage technology to optimise our operations. Working with Trimble enables us to meet this goal since they are continually developing innovative technology that addresses market requirements,” said Michael Meyer-Lingen, managing partner of Meyer Logistics GmbH.

The company has specialised in the transportation of unrefrigerated foodstuffs. More than 100 towing units are en route on roads across Germany for large chains of shops and drinks manufacturers. Using the CarCube fixed on-board computer and FleetCockpit back-office dispatch application, the company has already digitalised a large part of its work processes. Today, communication between drivers and their dispatch offices is carried out electronically or via text messages and status reports. Lengthy, time-consuming discussions over the phone, which can be prone to errors, are now only exceptions.

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Status Reports Without Losing Any Time

To automate additional processes, Meyer Logistics GmbH is implementing the FleetXPS Tablet. These mobile devices make it possible for drivers to use the telematics solution, even when they are outside the vehicle. For example, drivers with the mobile solution can inform their dispatch office immediately of their current status, instead of only after they have returned to the truck or lorry using the fixed, in-cab devices. Dispatchers are then able in turn to plan follow-up contracts without losing any time. The driver can also use the tablet in order to record transport damages straight away on site, using the integrated camera.

In 2011, Meyer Logistics decided to deploy a telematics solution. Following extensive research and a comparison of systems, the company began by shortlisting two solutions. These were tested for their suitability. Two trucks were fitted with an on-board computer from each of the providers. In order to keep the influence of the driver and the vehicle as little as possible, the devices were exchanged after half the test period. Once the test phase had been completed, Meyer-Lingen opted for the CarCube telematics solution.

“The CarCube solution was ideal for our operations. It provides a variety of benefits such as automatic driver detection through the driver’s card, which makes our day-to-day work easier,” said Meyer-Lingen.

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Reducing Fuel Consumption

Experiencing the benefits of a telematics solution, Meyer-Lingen decided to look at reducing fuel consumption in 2014. The company began using Trimble’s Performance Portal, which provided information on the vehicle such as acceleration, braking, gear changes and more. The first positive effect was achieved even before the application was used.

“The installation of the on-board computer had already led to a reduction in fuel consumption of around one liter per vehicle per 100 kilometers. With the launch of a bonus system, another liter was added,” said Meyer-Lingen.

Since 2015, the company has used the Performance Portal to analyze driving behavior and reward fuel-efficient driving with a bonus. For this purpose, a monthly grade is determined, which establishes the amount of additional payment for drivers.

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