Mousset Leverages its Transport Data with Trimble Telematics Solutions

With its 1,000 Trimble CarCube on-board computers deployed in its transport fleet, Mousset is perfecting its data exchange, reducing billing time, streamlining its social management and pursuing an eco-driving policy.

The Mousset transport group from the Vendéé (Sainte-Florence) is a leader in the French poultry market and the company has also diversified its services to include the industrial freight transport of milk, food and waste. Overtime, this grow has been accompanied by increasingly insightful management of its transport information, right up to the company's doorstep.

Since 2015, Mousset has been using Trimble’s telematics solutions. The company’s 1,000 trucks are fitted with CarCube on-board computers, with a wide screen display fixed in the driver's cab.

Mousset 3

“The equipment is robust and reliable. It has a proven track record at Mousset over the last three years. We have an extremely low failure rate for Trimble devices—less than one percent per year,” said Mohamed Aït El Kabir, Technical and IT Systems Director at the Mousset Group, led by Frédéric Leblanc.

Under Leblanc's leadership, Mousset is focusing on optimizing the flow of data for both the company and with its customers. It has upgraded its infrastructure, with the goal of collecting, analysing and using a significant amount of data.

“Trimble telematics solutions are a vital part of information gathering,” said Aït El Kabir. “It is the link between vehicles and operators, allowing drivers to validate their tasks in real-time, enter the quantity of goods transported, receive instructions and driving assistance.” 

Automated Timesheet Transmission

The transport company has also improved its cash flow and has been successful on a number of new initiatives. “We have been able to reduce billing delays considerably,” said Aït El Kabir. In addition, using CarCube, the company automatically retrieves social data from the digital tachographs and sends the information to the SOLID platform, a Trimble company, to process and file driving and rest times. This progress has resulted in substantial time savings, especially as the interface between the Trimble and SOLID applications has been developed and works perfectly.”

A leader in social management, SOLID produces tailored IT solutions for Mousset.

“On our behalf, SOLID developed a specific working time and activity management module, as a response to our optimization strategy. For example, we can now vary the hours of our driver teams and improve payslip and absence management.”

Eco-Driving in Action
Trimble’s telematics solutions are also known for its high-quality driving analysis—the Performance Portal tool.

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“We have worked closely with Trimble to define the KPI’s such as cruise control, speed, idling or braking behavior. We can improve our eco-driving thanks to the Performance Portal tool. The engine data are converted into operational information, in the form of a score. The results are displayed in graph form on the dashboard. At Mousset, we have managed to reduced consumption to about 0.5 L/100 km, an early significant result on both financial and environmental levels. We are continuing to work on this, to achieve at least 1 L/100 km in the next few months,” said Aït El Kabir.

The People Involved

Understanding changes in the fuel consumption of a truck or a whole fleet is only possible by working with drivers, who are directly affected. This is the advantage of the Performance Portal tool. David Bénard, a driver at Mousset for five years believes it is a remarkable training tool:

“I really like this platform, which shows us straight away whether we're succeeding with eco-driving. For instance, if we brake too sharply or don't anticipate well enough, driver feedback shows up on the screen immediately. In a gradual, self-study way, the tool helps us to correct certain behaviors at the wheel. Besides, better driving affects not only fuel volume but the overall use of a truck, too. We can help to improve the maintenance and lifespan of the equipment.”

According to Aït El Kabir: “The reports analysis, provided by Trimble, enables us to forecast our drivers’ training needs. We can support our drivers to improve their on-road behavior and how they drive on a daily basis.”

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