From data to insight: the benefits of analyzing and optimizing driving behavior

Fuel takes a big chunk out of the budget of every transport company, representing about a quarter of all costs on average. By analyzing and optimizing driving styles, you can significantly lower your fuel consumption, leading to increased profit margins and a better future for our planet.

Trimble’s Performance Portal helps driven transport companies with the continuous improvement of fleet safety, driver performance, CO2 emissions, and fuel costs. The Performance Portal provides a clear overview of all data related to your drivers’ driving styles.

“The Performance Portal allows me to influence and lower the fuel consumption with my driving behavior, which positively impacts the entire organization.”                                                         - Wim Kool, Driver at Ploeger Logistics

In consultation with experts from Trimble Transportation, you decide which KPIs should be analyzed and focused on. By monitoring driving behavior based on these adjustable KPIs you can lower your ecological footprint while saving money. 

A Lean & Green certificate is at your fingertips!

The Performance Portal is characterized by its simplicity and ease of use. You won't have to worry about endless data tables that have to be analyzed manually. Instead, you get clear and visually appealing presented information on the KPIs you deem most important. 

With our optimization tools, you can reliably boost team productivity and lower operational costs. Are you ready to decrease your fuel consumption with Trimble? Let’s supercharge your company together!

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