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Transports Blanchard Coutand Chooses Trimble Telematics for Traceability

Transports Blanchard Coutand (TBC) has implemented Trimble’s fleet management solution. The company had been using on-board IT devices for 13...

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tacho managementfleet management

Trimble Telematics Solutions Provide Flexibility and Reliability for Kohl Logistic

Kohl Logistic GmbH & Co. KG of Bramsche, Germany has equipped its fleet with Trimble’s telematics solutions. Using a combination of Trimble’s...

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fleet managementdigitalisation

Rumping Saves Time with Trimble Telematics Solutions

With Trimble's on-board computers and software solutions, Rumping Transport has taken a major step toward digitizing its processes. The planners...

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fleet managemente-CMR

Simon Loos Invests in the Future with a Digital Waybill on Trimble's FleetXPS tablet

Simon Loos is working on equipping all of its 650 trucks with new on-board computers. The logistics service provider opted for a combination of...

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gestion de flottedonnées sociales

Cazaubon-Lapegue Selects Trimble’s Telematics Solutions

As part of an approach to reducing paper documents and social optimization, the Lapegue Group based in France, has selected Trimble onboard...

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ITT-Event 2019: Grabbing the opportunities of digitalisation

How can transport and logistics companies maintain or improve their competitiveness in times of increasing competition pressure? Trimble proposed...

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fleet managementwage calculation

Trimble Telematics Solutions Support Expansion of Transports Frédéric 's Heeren

Transports Frédéric 's Heeren’s story is first and foremost about performance. Recognized for its quality of service, the family-owned Belgian...

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Afterthought ITT event 2019 in Houten

The theme of Trimble’s ITT event was: three steps to a bigger margin in transport. Those steps can be merged into one word: digitization. By using...

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fleet management

Johs. Martens Extends its Contract with Trimble to Equip its Fleet with the Latest CarCube Telematics Devices

Johs. Martens, which specializes in the transport of mineral oils and gases, has been using Trimble’s CarCube on-board computer for four years....

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