Simon Loos Invests in the Future with a Digital Waybill on Trimble's FleetXPS tablet

Simon Loos is working on equipping all of its 650 trucks with new on-board computers. The logistics service provider opted for a combination of the Trimble’s mobile FleetXPS Android tablet with the fixed on-board Truck4U computer. The objective is to leverage the digital waybill. A pilot project has already begun with Heineken and Jumbo. Chief Financial Officer Martin Knol: “This implementation is an investment in the future and allows us to further digitise our transport operations."

Simon Loos is very active in the retail sector. A large number of its 650 trucks are used for the supply of distribution centres and supermarkets. A number of customers in that segment have indicated that they would like to get started with the digital waybill. “The digital waybill provides an enormous reduction in the administrative burden, both for us and our clients. The considerable paper flow with which we are still saddled is outdated," explained Knol.

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Simon Loos has set up a first pilot project with Heineken and the Jumbo distribution center in Woerden. A second pilot project with FrieslandCampina is being prepared, while several other food retailers have already shown concrete interest in the digital waybill. The FleetXPS tablet with the Truck4U on-board computer plays a crucial role in all these pilot projects.  

"We have deliberately chosen the Trimble removable on-board computer," Knol explained. A digital waybill must, after all, also be signed by the recipient.

“We might have opted for a fixed on-board computer in combination with an app on a smartphone, but that is not an attractive solution in terms of management technology. In addition, the ruggedized tablet from Trimble is a lot more robust than a smartphone.”

Waybill Integration into the Question Path

Today, almost all trips of the 650 trucks are accompanied by a lot of paperwork. A CMR must be printed for each trip, which must be signed off upon delivery. All those documents have to be returned to the office to be manually processed. The comments and additions that are noted on paper are entered into both Simon Loos and the recipient systems. “We tried to use document scanners in the cab but that is not an ideal solution,” said Knol. “And afterwards digitising the waybills and data, which we do for a number of large customers with our own software, is only an interim solution.”

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What appeals to Simon Loos is the integration of the digital waybill into the on-board computer's question path process. Drivers do not have to open a separate app. They can process a delivery digitally by simply following the instructions on their on-board computer. They can immediately enter any comments or additions digitally. Subsequently, the digital waybill including the comments is immediately available to the Simon Loos’ office workers as well as the clients. "The first experiences from the pilot study are absolutely positive," said Knol.

Innovation is Key

Simon Loos' choice of Trimble is not out of the blue. Both parties had contact for the first time three years ago. Now that the logistics service provider was about to replace all 60 trucks for Beverage Logistics, it was a good time to switch to the Trimble on-board computer

“The decisive factor for us is Trimble’s innovation. We have seen in recent years that this company continues to expand and develop its solutions. An example of this is the integration of the digital waybill in the on-board computer's question path.”

Simon Loos already previously implemented Trimble's FleetHours wage calculation software. “This allows us to automate the time-consuming hours worked control to a large extent,” said Knol. “We noticed that FleetHours works a little better with Trimble's on-board computers than with other on-board computers. We also want to implement Trimble's Tachotime Manager for tacho data archiving. We have entered into an agreement with the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate concerning compliance with transport legislation. Tachotime Manager will help us to meet the resulting obligations with regard to driving and resting times legislation in a simpler way.”

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