Trimble solutions at the heart of a homogeneous information system at ELD

Optimising tacho management, providing real-time tracking to the customers and controlling the truck fleet are the main objectives of the carrier ELD, which has just acquired a Trimble telematics solution.

In April 2021, ELD (Européenne Logistique Distribution) deployed Trimble Transport & Logistics on-board computers across its entire fleet. With 230 employees, including 210 drivers, ELD works mainly in the Paris region. The company is based in Servon (Seine-et-Marne).

“We work mainly for e-commerce, postal transport as well as for the large-scale retail sector,” says Laurent Albiges, representative of the family SME. “With 230 vehicle registration documents, ELD works 24/7. 1/3 of our drivers drive at night, and 2/3 are day drivers. The company has had on-board computing for over 10 years."


“For several years, we have been in contact with Trimble, and we have monitored their progress in the market. In addition, we have been using the SOLID (part of the same group) payroll-related management tool for almost 20 years, says the company boss. At the same time, ELD has been working with a new transport management system (TMS) published by LIS for over a year."

Trimble’s openness

Laurent Albiges says: “The idea is therefore to have an homogeneous comprehensive solution, with the three software products - Trimble/SOLID/LIS - interfaced. Our industrial vehicles are currently having Trimble Truck4U GPS-GPRS units integrated into the dashboard installed. These computers communicate in real time with the FleetCockpit fleet management software and the associated FleetXPS smartphone application. For now, we are not planning to have a driver interface, apart from 10 to 15 vehicles which will be equipped with smartphones for some customers."

"In addition, we are also working with the supplier Shippeo (transportation visibility platform), whose system is already compatible with Trimble. We also want to set up a digital waybill for certain requesting customers through Dashdoc. Therefore, we want to develop an entire system for making transportation operations paperless in partnership with the Trimble platform, whose openness and flexibility we appreciate."

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Choosing Trimble also means optimal management of towed vehicles. “Our trailers have a Trimble Trailer ID recognition system linked to the on-board computer. The solution is very advanced and controlled as regards the trailer hitching/unhitching system. We know in real time which vehicles are paired, or the last position of a trailer in our TMS, which represents clear progress.”

The Administrative and Commercial Manager at ELD explains the operational implementation of the Trimble solution: “To begin with, we use positioning information and tacho data. The management of assignments is done directly on our TMS in connection with the on-board computers. The software retrieves all the route information, and in particular changes to routes, and therefore delivery statuses in real time. All entries - for example when creating a file for a new employee - are automatically sent from Trimble to SOLID. The time saved is significant."

Going paperless

Karyn Albiges, Chief Financial Officer of the company, adds: “Until now, we had to enter the same information three or four times. Retrieving tacho data was done once a week. It is now daily and allows us to spread out each other's workload. Knowing the position and availability of the driving staff in real time makes it possible to improve the management of one-off transportations and to be much more responsive to customer requests."

What returns on investment are expected over time? They are both qualitative and quantitative for Laurent Albiges, who says: “We are moving towards being paperless. This new Trimble integrated on-board computers will allow us to better manage our documents, but also offer our customers much faster feedback. Indeed, our partners instantly need the status of a delivery and associated proof, without waiting or having to go and get the information. Having all the necessary data on our TMS represents a phenomenal saving of time and increase in efficiency. Each order form and each delivery slip are linked to the party which performed the service in question. All our administrative departments can access it."

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