Trimble Telematics Solutions Provide Flexibility and Reliability for Kohl Logistic

Kohl Logistic GmbH & Co. KG of Bramsche, Germany has equipped its fleet with Trimble’s telematics solutions. Using a combination of Trimble’s CarCube fixed on-board computers, FleetXPS mobile on-board computers and FleetCockpit back-office planning tool, the logistics company is saving considerable time and money. The solutions enable seamless communication for scheduling and the automatic exchange of information from the vehicles. In addition, the solutions allow for easy integration of subcontractor vehicles into Kohl’s telematics system.

Carcube FleetXPS

“We were looking for a system that was not only sophisticated and reliable, but also open and flexible,” said Thomas Bräuer, Freight Forwarding manager at Kohl Logistic GmbH & Co. KG.

The Trimble solutions satisfied the requirements and also provided an interface to Kohl’s transportation management software (TMS). “Connection to our TMS from Logistics Information Systems (LIS) was no problem at all and worked on the very first attempt,” said Bräuer.

Trimble System Functions as Data Platform

Another challenge was the broad range of services offered by Kohl, which includes container and logistics services as well as waste management and recycling among its primary business areas. This variety of services required a system that would serve simultaneously as a data platform, which is crucial for example in vehicles with integrated weighing scales. In this instance, the system must transmit all relevant order data to the driver as well as transmit the weights measured by the scales within the vehicle to the TMS.

“Processes like this do not work with every provider,” said Bräuer.

With the new telematics from Trimble, Kohl’s goal is to optimize fleet management and scheduling to generate significant time and cost savings. Kohl has equipped 30 of its own vehicles and 10 subcontractor vehicles with the CarCube and/or the mobile on-board FleetXPS computer, which enables Kohl to integrate subcontractor vehicles quickly and simply into its telematics system.




Automated Processes Save Time and Money

With the Trimble telematics solution, schedulers can monitor vehicle locations as well as the driving and rest times of the drivers in real time to plan more efficiently. In addition, fleet managers can save time with the automatic remote tacho download function for driver card as well as store the data so manual entry is no longer necessary. Salary and expenses calculations are also performed automatically by the Trimble FleetHours application. As part of the telematics solution, the web-based application for Driver Performance Portal enables fleet managers to monitor information such as speed, idling and braking behavior, which can result in more environmentally-friendly driving.


“From the very start it was important to us to work with an established provider that offered innovative solutions and reliable support,” said Bräuer.

Although not often called on, Trimble specialists responded very quickly and promptly resolved any issues. “As a result, we have invested in a very sophisticated system with an experienced provider.”