Trimble’s Transport and Logistics App Store Continues to Grow

The number of apps for the Trimble FleetXPS tablet has expanded considerably. Both carriers and drivers benefit from the smart and handy applications that enable improvements in productivity, efficiency, safety and comfort in their daily transportation operations. These apps are available through the Trimble Transport & Logistics Store (Trimbletl Store), which was launched in the spring of 2019.

In our daily lives, apps on smartphones and tablets offer great convenience and fun. A significant number of transport companies, including their drivers, are also using apps to support their operations. They can select a variety of applications from the Trimbletl Store with a few clicks and install them on their FleetXPS tablet. This rugged mobile device, powered by the Android operating system, was developed by Trimble for use by drivers inside and outside the cab of their truck.

More Control over Shipments and Journeys

Among the third-party apps are several that give carriers more control over their shipments. These apps support the handling of digital consignment notes (eCMRs). Multiple eCMR apps are integrated into the tasks and question paths on the FleetXPS tablet, making it a lot easier for the driver and administration. Others provide insight into measurement data from cargo temperature sensors and make it possible to share delivery information directly with clients.

To make their journeys more efficient and safer, the store includes navigation apps for private business areas. An example is Tagxter's "Site Guide" navigation app, which guides drivers on premises where regular navigation devices and apps do not work, taking site-specific rules and regulations into account.

Another example is Dynniq GreenFlow for Trucks, which allows authorized drivers to communicate directly with intelligent traffic light controllers (iTLC) and even request priority. Drivers can benefit from intelligent green light and cross intersections in a more safe, sustainable and efficient manner.

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Report Damage and Increase Knowledge

Apps also offer advantages for colleagues in the office or in the workshop. For example, they enable drivers to report faults or damage to the vehicle immediately—possibly with a photo—so that the workshop can schedule maintenance and order parts. The result is that downtime can be kept to a minimum.

Another app helping to increase driver safety and comfort is ContiConnect Driver, developed by tire manufacturer Continental, which measures tire pressure and temperature and alerts the driver to any issues.

For driver education, the store also offers applications that are especially useful for times when the truck is stationary. e-learning apps allow drivers to increase their knowledge of safe working, handling customs procedures and other topics while on the road.

Apps for Subcontractors

The Trimbletl Store also includes apps developed by logistics service providers, designed for their subcontractors. Has a transport company developed a specific app that is only intended for its own drivers? These specialty apps can also be included in the Trimble app store; however, they can remain accessible only to employees who have been authorized by the transport company.

“Apps are an indispensable part of society, including the transport sector. We are continuing to work on further expanding the app store in order to digitally support as many sub-processes in transport as possible,” said Giovanni Cacciola, Product and Stratigic Marketing Head at Trimble Transport & Logistics.

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