Trimble's document management solution contributes to digitization and 100% paperless transport

In its telematics portfolio, Trimble Transport & Logistics has an innovative document management solution that allows transport documents to be managed easily and digitally. Drivers no longer need to carry physical papers with them in their truck, but will soon have any desired document available in digital form on their Trimble on-board computer or mobile, anytime and anywhere. With the new module for document management in the planner tool FleetCockpit, transport companies keep a grip on document flows and drivers, planners and office staff can work more efficiently.

No more paperwork

Transport companies have to deal with a large amount of documents that drivers are obliged to carry, such as access instructions for loading and unloading addresses, ADR guidelines and safety procedures. Keeping track of all those forms, PDFs, videos and other files is a lot of hassle for drivers, but it is also a time-consuming affair for planners and office workers. They have to store the documents, manage the different versions and keep track of which documents must be given or sent to which driver.

Driver FleetXPS tablet-1

With the new document management module, everything is tightly arranged in one go: different types of documents, such as PDFs but also videos, can be automatically assigned to the correct task via the TMS. Via the new module, planners can also manually link documents to a task or send them to a driver via a message. The latter can also be sent to several trucks at the same time. By digitizing documents, processes become more efficient and transport companies can effortlessly comply with legal regulations and ISO 9001 guidelines.

Digitization continues

“In the transport world, digitization has really taken off in recent years. More so, it has become necessary to address challenges related to managing the fleet, supply chain efficiency, connectivity and visibility,” says Chris Boogaard, Trimble country manager in the Netherlands. “Our solutions such as on-board computers, software tools and integrated e-CMR solution have contributed to this and have already delivered many time and cost savings to our customers. With this additional solution for document management, we make a valuable contribution to the pursuit of a 100% paperless transport environment.”


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Chris Boogaard

Country Manager Nederland