case study Jan 10 2017

Trimble’s Next Generation CarCube Makes a Difference at Sotrami

Transports Sotrami has deployed Trimble’s telematics software solutions and next generation CarCube on-board computer that operates faster, enhances navigation capabilities and automates the management of driving hours to improve operations.

The Rethel (France - Ardennes) based transport SME Sotrami has about 30 industrial vehicles. The fleet of tractors and semi-trailers displays the company’s slogan in red and yellow: “L’urgence au quotidien” (“Urgent transport, every day”). Sotrami provides fast transport operations in a variety of industries ranging from automotive and pharmaceutical to food-processing. For over 6 years, they have been using Trimble’s CarCube on-board computers and telematics software. In March 2016, Sotrami installed the next generation CarCube.

Enhanced GPS Capabilities

"The drivers are satisfied," said Sylvain Tomezak, operations director at Sotrami. In the back-office, transportation managers can also see a marked difference in the system as well: "We welcome the improved truck display on the Trimble track and trace map in the FleetWorks back office application,” explains Tomezak.

With improvements in location capabilities, the vehicle position is even more precise. CoPilot Truck, the truck-specific navigation software from ALK, a Trimble Company, also provides a larger scale of setting options.