Trimble’s Telematics Solutions Drives Heinloth’s Digitalisation Efforts

HEINLOTH has extended its relationship with Trimble and equipped the first of its 90 tractor units with the latest generation of the FleetXPS tablet, a mobile telematics solution. The device offers a wide range of different applications and can be easily carried by drivers. For example, the FleetXPS tablet can be used to scan barcodes or to take photographs of damaged goods during transport. In addition, the company uses a variety of Trimble solutions such as the Truck4U built-in unit, FleetCockpit back-office application, Performance Portal program for driving style analysis, and FleetHours for automated payroll and expense accounting.

“Five years ago, after intensive market analysis, we decided to work with Trimble. The quality of the equipment, the stability of the system and the reliability of the data were deciding factors,” said Sebastian Prinzing, project manager at HEINLOTH.

The HEINLOTH Group, headquartered in Roth near Nuremberg, Germany, focuses on Europe-wide freight transport and contract logistics with a fleet of 600 tractor units. By converting the first 90 vehicles to the FleetXPS mobile telematics solution, the logistics service provider aims to achieve further digitalisation and process optimisation.

Heinloth FleetXPS Tablet

The Benefits of Information Acquisition and Processing

HEINLOTH already benefits from the acquisition and processing of information from Trimble solutions. For example, the company already uses the data on fuel consumption, acceleration and braking behaviour as well as idling times collected by Trimble's Performance Portal for active and sustainable driver training. In addition, the fleet management team uses real-time data on driving and rest periods in FleetCockpit for reliable staff scheduling. Another advantage is the ability to read out and download vehicle mass memory and driver card data at any time and from any location using the remote download function.

As a result, drivers and vehicles no longer have to be present at the respective operating location for this purpose. Activity evaluations and telematics data such as route sequences and border crossings are also incorporated into the FleetHours program and enables automated payroll and expense accounting.

Improvements for Drivers

“It is very important to provide our drivers with a modern, attractive and safe workplace. Our decision to use Trimble's user-friendly FleetXPS tablets underscores this claim,” said Sebastian Leitl, fleet manager at HEINLOTH.

In addition to standard functions such as navigation and communication, the telematics solution offers drivers numerous additional features such as barcode scanning, a photo function and access to driving behaviour visualisations. In addition, the automation of departure control also contributes to greater safety.

“Thanks to the high degree of functionality and the innovative navigation menu, we are able to equip our drivers with the latest telematics tools and we can actively integrate them into the company's various work processes,” explained Leitl.

Heinloth FleetXPS tablet

Future Digitalisation Projects

HEINLOTH has already begun planning for future digitalisation projects, with the aim of using the new FleetXPS tablets to make the driver's manual, briefings and extended training materials as well as customer- and cargo-specific information electronically available in interactive format.

“By upgrading to the latest generation, we are continuing our systematic investment in the future in order to pave the way for further digitalisation projects. And we are convinced that Trimble offers us the necessary development and implementation options,” explained Prinzing.


HEINLOTH is a European transport, freight forwarding and logistics company with a focus on overland freight transport and contract logistics. Its portfolio also includes customised solutions with a low degree of vertical integration, covering transport with special vehicles such as cranes, truck-mounted forklifts, silos, etc., as well as value-added services. Additional information is available at

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