Van Dingenen Leverages Trimble’s Portfolio of Fleet Management Solutions

After 10 years, Van Dingenen Transport replaced its previous generation CarCube with the latest version of Trimble’s on-board computer. With new features and seamless integration with a variety of back-office applications—such as FleetHours for wages calculation, Tachotime Manager for tacho archiving and Performance Portal for driving style analysis and coaching—the fast-growing organisation is making great strides in a short time. An additional advantage—all the solutions are part of Trimble’s fleet management portfolio. As John van Loon, national transport manager at Van Dingenen, explains: “The software is optimally coordinated.”

Van Dingenen Transport is based in De Brabantse Kempen (the Netherlands). The family business provides transport services for the supply industry from the region to companies based in Brainport Eindhoven. “We also transport trailers to dealers across Europe. We use open trucks with cranes,” said Van Loon. “Another specialty is forklift transport, which we use to deliver seasonal products such as garden pavilions, saunas and turf to gardens throughout the Netherlands and Belgium.”

For many years, the fleet had approximately 30 to 35 vehicles. That number skyrocketed in 2016 when Van Dingenen moved to new premises including a warehouse at the Kempisch Bedrijvenpark in Hapert:

“We suddenly had room to grow again. And when the economy flourished after the lean crisis years, there were plenty of growth opportunities. We took full advantage of those opportunities. Now we have a fleet of approximately 100 vehicles, from vans and trucks to tractor-trailers,” said Van Loon

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Newest CarCube On-board Computer

As early as 2011, every truck was equipped with a CarCube for the first time. Van Dingenen already had a track and trace system, but was looking for a fully-fledged on-board computer that could be linked to the transport management system (TMS). Van Loon met Trimble at a trade fair.

“We spoke to multiple providers; however, Trimble offered the best ratio of price and quality. The reliability of the hardware was the deciding factor. The fact that several large transport companies were already using the CarCube gave us the necessary confidence to move forward.”

In 2019, Van Dingenen decided to replace the on-board computers with the latest CarCube. After ten years, the company wanted to upgrade to the latest version.

“Choosing Trimble again was an obvious decision for us. The collaboration has gone perfectly from the start. Trimble has helped us so much that we’ve never seriously considered switching to another supplier,” explained Van Loon.


Flexibility in Planning

Replacement of the on-board computers was quick and easy. In fact, Van Dingenen only had to replace the hardware in the cabin, a matter of loosening and tightening four screws. The existing links with the TANS transport management system could be maintained.

This link gives Van Dingenen the necessary flexibility. The system sends the transport planning to the on-board computers every night, but during the day, that planning is adjusted regularly.

“It often happens that we have two trucks driving in the same city. Sometimes it is then more convenient to switch transport orders between the two trucks, for instance because one truck has been delayed. This is sorted out with a few clicks. We no longer need to call to make the change,” said Van Loon.

Broad Product Portfolio

Trimble’s broad product portfolio is a significant advantage for the collaboration. An example, FleetHours, the wages calculation software, contributes to a significant reduction in the administrative burden. Drivers no longer have to manually fill in timesheets, while the office employees spend less time checking and processing the timesheets.

Van Dingenen hopes to achieve the same effect with Tachotime Manager, Trimble’s solution for archiving tachograph data. Van Loon added:

“We already had a system, but we struggled to read and process that data. With Trimble’s Tachotime Manager, we can also analyse breaches of regulations on driving hours and rest periods, and coach the drivers on them.”

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Van Dingenen has begun using Trimble’s Performance Portal, a solution for driving style analysis and driver coaching.

“With the previous CarCube, we already received data about accelerating, braking and coasting, but we needed more information. The Performance Portal goes a step further and provides targeted advice for each driver. We can show our drivers a lot of data, but most of them just want to know what they should do to drive more economically. The Performance Portal provides all necessary information for this. In combination with a coach who actively influences driving behaviour, we can make a real difference,” Van Loon explained.

Performance Portal

Link with Mobile Devices

With the next-generation CarCube, Van Dingenen is prepared for future developments such as paperless transport. The tasks on the on-board computer can be transferred to the Trimble Fleet CarryOn™ app for mobile devices, which the drivers can use outside the truck to take photos, scan shipments and sign for receipt.

“We looked at the possibilities of the FleetXPS tablet, Trimble’s mobile on-board computer. At the moment, however, we prefer a fixed on-board computer. This keeps the risk of fall damage to a minimum”, Van Loon explained. “But we’re doing this with the knowledge that we will be able to use the Fleet CarryOn app in the near future.”

More about Van Dingenen Transport

Van Dingenen Transport offers a wide range of services for every type of transport. This varies from parcel delivery to exceptional transport, both nationally and internationally. Founded in 1937, the company has operated from Hapert, where it has a warehouse of 10,000 and a parking area of 20,000 square metres. For more information, please visit

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