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Stop guessing and start knowing. With its advanced AI capabilities, Trimble Video Intelligence delivers the real facts you need to protect your interests.

Avoid costly litigation, insurance spikes and give your drivers the confidence to be their very best. Discover a safer, more efficient road ahead.

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Every day, accidents involving trucks happen on the road. Drivers often find themselves wrongly blamed, entangled in litigation processes, and uncertain about what really transpired. This leads to wasted time, increased expenses, driver dissatisfaction and a lack of clarity. Without the right tools, there's no clear way to address these challenges head-on.

With Trimble Video Intelligence, you can finally eliminate these risks. It offers access to the complete, unbiased picture – from video footage to engine data – in real time. Our solution helps you avoid costly litigation, prevents insurance premiums from skyrocketing, and empowers your drivers to focus on their core task: driving. We offer you more than a product – we provide peace of mind.

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Best-in-class AI Capability

In a world where accidents cost lives, money and your reputation, Trimble Video Intelligence is your game-changing solution. In addition to helping you save time and money, it also helps prevent accidents by providing enhanced driver coaching, in-cabin safety alerts, and visual proof of improved behaviours.

Join the ranks of smart, proactive fleets. Schedule your demo today and set the course for a safer future.


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Here’s why Trimble Video Intelligence stands out:

  • AI-powered event triggers: From harsh braking to headway warnings, our AI identifies critical events to ensure the safety of your fleet.

  • Optional In-cabin monitoring: Detect driver fatigue, handheld device usage, distractions, and compliance with safety measures.

  • Customisable settings: Tailor AI alerts to your specific needs, creating a safety net that fits your fleet perfectly.

  • Privacy-friendly: Complies with GDPR and protects driver privacy while ensuring transparency.